Annsofidotter is a try-out for different economical and cultural values in relation to each other, offering products and services as well as establishing collaborations with the financial sector.

2016 we, the siblings Sara and Simon Annsofidotter started Annsofidotter Enterprise with the aim of investigating the artist's relation to finance and structures of economy.


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Sara Annsofidotter

B. 1991, Degerfors, Sweden
lives and works in Copenhagen. 

Sara is currently enrolled in the Master's programme at The Royal Danish Academy of Fine arts and holds a Bachelor from Umeå Academy of Fine arts. She is a part of artist group Mam! and have a practice that is both studiobased and collaborative. Sara’s main area of interest is language and text. She has previously worked with themes on social technology, Artificial intelligence and canon of ancient Greek philosophy.



Simon Annsofidotter

B. 1989, Degerfors, Sweden
lives and works in Umeå & Stockholm.

With a background in advertising and creative direction, producing content for B-2-B and B-2-C, Simon's main interest revolves around communication and Western ideas of productivity. He is currently studying the Bachelor programme at Umeå Academy of Fine Arts. Simon's work is both collaborative and studiobased, using medias such as film, text and sculpture.